Angelica Agurbash was born on 17 of May 1970 in Minsk, Belarus. Since her childhood she knew that her life would be connected with the stage. While in school she also studied theatre, choreography and music. At age 15, she got the leading role in the movie “Test on the director”.


After the successful debut in this movie, Angelica joined the Belarusian Academy of Arts. When she was a first year student she won the first “Miss Belarus” title. After that, she woke up famous!


Shortly after, Angelica became the lead singer of the famous band “Verasy” for a period of 5 years (1990 – 1995). In 1991, Angelica earned her second title “Miss Photo USSR”, becoming the most photographed model in Belarus. Her photos were exhibited in many countries such as Italy, UK, France, Belgium and Germany.


After 5 years singing in “Verasy”, she started her solo career. Under the name Lika Yalinskaya, she released her albums “Paper moon”, “Night without a dream”, and “For you”. Soon they became the best selling albums in Belarus. Angelica was invited to perform at many different music festivals such as “Slavyanskiy Bazaar”, “On the European Crossroads”, and “Golden Hit”. While pursuing her solo career, she also earned two degrees which allowed her to produce concerts and teach music. Afterwards she established the art-club “Lika”, which created the most massive events in the country. At the same time Angelica opened her own beauty school. She was also a presenter in television shows: “Premier of the song”, and “Breakfast with Lika”.


After Angelica moved to Russia she continued her career. Soon she became the winner of a well-known beauty pageant, “Missis Russia”. In 2005, she represented her native home country in the Eurovision song contest. To promote her song “Love Me Tonight”, Angelica visited 26 European countries in one and a half months. That has made her tour the biggest tour in the history of the Eurovision.

In 2006 Angelica became an honored artist of Belarus. Her famous single “I Will Live For You” made its way to the top of the music charts, winning her “Golden Gramophone” award. She visited a lot of cities in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia with her “I Will Live For You” tour. Her last concert of the tour was in the “Moscow Estrada Theatre”. This year she also played a role in the tv-series “Damned Paradise” and her songs “I guarantee the paradise”, “Do it”, and “Call me” became the soundtracks for this show.

In 2009, in cooperation with the famous Russian producer Max Fadeev, Angelica released her album “Love! Love? Love…” This album shows how much of a variety her music has. For the song “Rose on the snow” she got the diploma of the famous festival “Song of the Year”. Her single “Unloved” became the soundtrack for the movie “Champion”. The music video for this song was aired on every music television channel. On July 20, 2009 Angelica performed an open concert in Mir Castle Complex as a present for her Belarusian fans.

In 2010, Angelica released the album of her greatest hits “Grand collection”. And then she produced a number of hit-singles one after another. She performed “Crossroad of the Souls” at “Slavyanskiy Bazaar”, and “Fly” at “New Wave 2011” which earned her the diploma of “Song of the Year”. The music video for the song “River” was at the top of many different music charts, and the song itself earned her the diploma of “Song of the Year” as well. Later these songs were released in the album “You didn’t know me like this”.

In Los Angeles Angelica had a photoshoot in the famous “Milk Studios”, working with the famous stylist and make-up artist such as Clyde Haygood (who worked with Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Shakira, etc.) and Troy Jensen (who worked with Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefany, Pussycat Dolls).

On November 19, 2011 Angelica celebrated her 20 years on the stage with the great show in Moscow Kremlin. She performed with the most famous Russian singers – Philip Kirkorov, Boris Moiseev, Dmitry Malikov, Alexander Buynov and Alexander Marshal.


2015 was very important for Angelica and her career.

On the one hand, was the premiere of the musical theater and movie spectacle “The King of Clubs – Map of Love”, directed by Alexander Gerasimov, with Emmanuil Vitorgan and Angelica Agurbash in the main roles. The premiere had a great success on the stage of Mayakovsky Theatre in Moscow and sold out tours across Russia and abroad.

On the other – Angelica participated in the third season of the Russian version of the famous show “Your Face Sounds Familiar!” on “RUSSIA 1” TV channel. Angelica became a real discovery and the best participant of the season for the jury and the millions of TV viewers. After each transformation, Angelica demonstrated to the public the new facets of her talent. Olga Kormuhina, Valentina Tolkunova, Maria Rasputina, Beyoncé, Stas Piekha, Alla Pugacheva, Vaya Con Dios, Anastacia, Frosya Burlakova, Irina Allegrova, Elena Kamburova, Garik Sukachov, Klavdiya Shulzhenko, Anna German, Lolita Milyavskaya- each transformation into these famous artists was done with great professionalism and respect. Further more – Angelica received a Letter of thanks from the Governor of Altai Krai –  Alexander Bogdanovich Karlin for her transformation into Frosya Burlakova.

Also in 2015 Angelica released several new singles. “I have cried, but I believed you” and “Reborn”, which author is the famous composer Alexey Malakhov. In the summer Angelica presented her song “I don’t see the sun behind the nigh”, which was created together with the production centre of Mikhail Gutseriyev. At the end of the year was the premiere of the rock ballade “Kill me”, music and lyrics Vladimir Kurto.

Nowadays Angelica works in the studio recording her music material with American and European sound-producers such as Savvas Iossifidis, who worked with Bee Gees, Robbie Williams, etc., and Philippe-Marc Anquetil, who worked with Sarah Connor, SHINee. She has performed songs from the worldwide knows songwriters such as Rick Nowels, who wrote for Madonna, Lana Del Rey, Nelly Furtado, ‘N Synk; and Tzvika Pick, who wrote the mega-hit “Diva”. The worldwide known DJs Riffs & Rays and Almighty made the remixes for her songs.

Today Angelica is continuing to produce new music for her upcoming album, while also filming for the new tv-series she will be in.